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That is Kehlani dating? Singer sparks Kiana Lede hearsay as “Ur companion” songs videos directs enthusiasts into a frenzy

That is Kehlani dating? Singer sparks Kiana Lede hearsay as “Ur companion” songs videos directs enthusiasts into a frenzy

R&B artist Kehlani produced a storm online after releasing a sounds movie on July 30th on her (who furthermore goes by the pronoun “they”) latest song “Ur closest friend,” featuring Kiana Lede. The sensuous musical videos, which finished with a steamy hug between your two singers, possess left lovers curious whether Kehlani try bisexual.

The songs videos has already garnered over 400,000 panorama on YouTube. Followers has fallen obsessed about the chemistry between the two singers.

kehlani hold on kiana neck together with lip bite will not ever maybe not bring


the way in which kehlani got kiana throat when they kissed their

i realized Kehlani & kiana Lede dropped the quintessential is not shit video clip while I viewed that video clip with kehlani in a black girlfriend beater allow me to run rewatch it once more tho

today HOLD OFF A DAMN INSTANT y’all observe kehlani get kiana lede’s throat like dat during the “ur companion” movie

That Kehlani and Kiana video is sweet. Both okay. I’m right here for it.

Kehlani’s interesting online dating existence

Enthusiasts posses assumed that the 26-year-old performer is actually bisexual, but Kehlani opened up about the woman sex on an Instagram live-in April 2021, in which she revealed that the woman is a lesbian. She stated:

In 2018, the “Honey” vocalist have earlier stated on Twitter that she is “not bi, maybe not right.” She continuing:

“i am attracted to lady, people, REALLY drawn to queer guys, non- digital everyone, intersex people, trans anyone.”

The Grammy-nominated singer was initially associated with Canadian rap artist PartyNextDoor in 2013. He previously hinted at their own union in tracks like “Girl From Oakland” and “Muse.” In 2015, Kehlani continued to discharge “Situations & these,” which managed to get obvious that she had been discussing the rap artist.

“> Kehlani & PartyNextDoor (Image via Instagram)

Kehlani had been rumored as online dating NBA star Kyrie Irving in 2015 after their relationship blossomed into some thing romantic. Alas, in 2016 Irving highlighted that he is “not online dating” the R&B performer.

“> Kehlani and Shaina Negron (graphics via Pinterest)

The Oakland-native additionally outdated Shaina https://datingmentor.org/badoo-vs-tinder Negron, an artist and tat musician, in 2017. Shaina is reported as the muse for the hit track “Honey.” In 2018 Kehlani invitees starred for Nicki Minaj’s podcast king Radio in which she spoke about their commitment. She said:

“we have been merely friends since that time… That partnership in fact wasn’t extended, but me personally along with her become awesome cool now.”

Reports of Kehlani’s maternity smashed in 2018 during the time she was at a relationship along with her guitarist, Javaughn Young-White. On Queen broadcast, she spoke exactly how the two are an excellent match:

“I started internet dating ladies before I actually outdated men. Subsequently, I was happy to get someone who was a bisexual male. And then he truly knows my personal queerness and my fluidity, and I really understand his. It is very amazing is recognized.”

Sadly, both split up in 2020 and they are nevertheless good friends and co-parents. She spoke to British style about how both remained amicable and how they sensed directly to need a young child together with the guitarist. Kehlani offered delivery to the woman child Adeya Nomi in March 2019.

“You will find anyone that we definitely want to have a kid with. They demand a young child equally as much as me, like, we may and simply do it.” – Kehlani

In September 2019, Kehlani and rapper YG went general public with the commitment at the ny Fashion month tv series. The two have an on-and-off commitment until they also known as it quits on romantic days celebration in 2020.

“> Kehlani and YG (graphics via Getty files)

Kehlani took to Twitter these days stating:

“we be really lifeless at theories that arise from songs video clips but I FAVOR that acting and imaginative point will get around! If you were to think You will find some thing going on with people I was the star in a music videos with, I DID the task.”

i become certainly lifeless during the concepts that occur from tunes clips but I really like your acting and artistic point gets across! if you think i have some thing happening with someone i starred in a music movie with, I DID MY JOB

The R&B vocalist ended up being talking about their reported partnership with Kiana Leda following “Ur closest friend” sounds videos was launched.

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