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For close rela­tives of someone making an application for a resi­dence license to reside along with you in Sweden

For close rela­tives of someone making an application for a resi­dence license to reside along with you in Sweden

Somebody who is a citizen of a nation away from EU or EEA, and who wants to go on to Sweden to live with a relative, must make an application for a home permit. The license must be awarded ahead of the proceed to Sweden.

Your own spouse, partner, cohabiting mate, licensed lover plus young children according to the age 18 tends to be given a residence allow in Sweden if

  • you will be a Swedish resident
  • you have got a long-term residency permit
  • you may have a short-term home license as a refugee or has subsidiary security updates, as they are while doing so thought to bring well-founded leads to be provided a home license for a longer time
  • you really have a temporary house permit due to impediments to enforcement or extremely upsetting conditions, and are regarded as have well-founded leads to be awarded a home license for a longer time.
  • you truly must be capable support your self, different individuals staying in family members and the ones family unit members who happen to be making an application for a residence permit
  • you truly need to have a house of an acceptable standards individually all to live in.
  • you and your partner needs to be about 18 years old.

If you should be a Swedish resident or has a permanent property license, the person you intend to marry or cohabit with are often granted a residence allow in order to join you in Sweden. This is applicable when you yourself have a short-term residency allow as a refugee, or have actually subsidiary security status, on the basis of impediments to enforcement or due to special or extremely upsetting conditions, and that you can show which you have a life threatening connection that was already created in the country of beginnings, but which you did not have the possibility of residing along in the country of source.

In excellent problems, an in depth comparative, who isn’t or don’t become your partner or live-in partner, get a residence allow to live with you in Sweden. You have to subsequently need a long-term abode permit.

Some other procedures apply to members of the family of persons that relocated to Sweden to work or study.

Main­te­nance requi­re­ment

You, the individual residing in Sweden, must

  • manage to support your self, other individuals residing in family members and people family unit members that applying for a home allow
  • bring a home of an acceptable expectations for you all to live in.

Any time you submit new facts concerning the repair necessity after a determination has been created, the Swedish Migration Agency cannot reconsider the decision. But your decision can be appealed on the Migration legal, but that means that the waiting energy will be very longer. An individual who will relocate to you ought to thus wait and only outline their software whenever you fulfil the requirements.

Your main­te­nance

You ought to demonstrate that you really have standard, work-related money that enables that help yourself, other folks in your family, and also the nearest and dearest who will be applying for a residence permit. Work-related income include, for example,

  • salary/wages from work
  • jobless advantages
  • disease importance
  • income-based old-age pensions.

You may also fulfil the maintenance prerequisite (be regarded as capable help yourself) for those who have adequate money/taxable assets to compliment yourself, other persons in your household additionally the household members that obtaining a residence license for around 24 months.

Your income

The amount of income necessary to help you to fulfil the constant maintenance need

(be considered able to help your self) is based on how large all your family members is actually and how higher your housing prices are. Their after-tax income ought to be sufficient to pay for their real homes costs additionally the regular quantity needed to support the individuals who can participate in your family. Which means after you have paid your construction costs each month, you should have sufficient cash left-over to cover, on top of other things, the price of delicacies, clothing, individual health goods, phone outlay, family electrical energy, insurance and other small expenditures for your incidental wants of the many people in meet me app your family.

For 2021 the standard levels is

  • SEK 5,016 for an individual sex
  • SEK 8,287 for spouses or associates living with each other
  • SEK 2,662 for kids elderly 6 years or younger
  • SEK 3,064 for the children elderly 7 ages or earlier.

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